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Juhtmevaba 5W laadija autosse

Selle juhtmevaba laadija saab kinnitada nii auto ventilatsiooniavale kui armatuurlauale. Hoiab telefoni kindlalt omal kohal ja LED tuli annab märku, kui telefon laeb.
24.80 / tk + km

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Tootekood: XD-P302.511-M

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With this state of the art charger you can drive safely while your mobile device is charging wirelessly. The charger comes with both a vent mount to attach it to the air vent and a dashboard mount if you prefer the charger on your dashboard. The phone (up to 6”) is held securely in place by the two holders on the side to keep the item stable when driving. With built-in LED indicator to indicate when the phone is charging. To use the car charger, simply connect the micro USB cable included to the USB output of your car or your car charger (not included) Wireless charging compatible with Android latest generations, iPhone 8 and up.  Input: 5V 1A. Wireless Output: Output: 5V/1A 5W.

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